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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Republican Motion To Recommit on Violence...  CSPAN  April 4, 2019 2:34pm-2:46pm EDT

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mr. mccarthy: the majority only has one ability to bring something to the floor in an m.t.r. this house wants a vote on s. 1. will the majority leader schedule this. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is not stating a proper parliamentary inquiry. the question is on the motion. all those in favor aye. those opposed, no. the noes have it. >> mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gent the speaker pro tempore: ties there any objection? without objection, the reading is dispensed with. the gentlewoman is recognized. ms stefanik: in the united states one in three women have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner, one in seven have been injured, one in 10 women have been raped and one in seven
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women have been talked. these are more than just numbers. these are our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and colleagues in this chamber. today's motion to recommit would extend the violence against women's act through 2020 to continue critical services that protect millions of women and girls across our country. i have a proven track record of supporting vawa and i'm continuing the fight by standing up for the victims and survivors to make sure their voices are heard. last year, i introduced legislation that would stepped the violence against women's act . last year, i introduced legislation that would extend the violence against women act and then just last month, i
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introduced another bill that would re-authorize this program. we all know in this chamber that the bill speaker pelosi has put on the floor today will not pass the senate and be signed into law. however, my bill, this motion to recommit could pass the house and senate and be signed into law this week. this extension gives republicans and democrats time to work together to pass a truly bipartisan long-term re-authorization of vawa just as congress has done many times before. sadly, there is little effort from my democratic colleagues to engage in a process to re-authorize vawa that could pass with broad bipartisan support. the democratic bill was referred to seven house committees but only reported out of the
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judiciary committee on a party-line vote and politicizes vawa and could put women and girls at rick. ending violence against women and protecting women and children should not be a partisan issue. but unfortunately, speaker pelosi and house democrats have made it a partisan issue. they have refused to work with republicans in a meaningful way to re-authorize the women against women act including february during spending negotiations. house democrats are the reasons this law has lapsed puticing lives at risk. every single minute that this life saving program goes scombrun authorized is another minute women can't get help. i ask my colleagues today -- and the house is not in order. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. ms stefanik: i ask my colleagues
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today can we stop playing political games at the expense of vulnerable women? -- voting yes on this motion to recommit is the only opportunity to extend current law. voting no means that you are voting to end the violence against women's act and knowingly voting for a partisan bill that will never see the ight of day in the senate. once again, the democratic bill on the floor today will collect dust in the senate. scoring political points, we should never prioritize that over the millions of women and children in this country. let's pass this clean extension today to extend the violence
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against women's act and fight for women, survivors and vick tips. vote yes on the motion to recommit. and i yield become the balance f my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from michigan seek recognition? >> i rise in opposition to this otion to recommit. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you, madam speaker. i have nothing but great respect for my colleague who offered this. mrs. dingell: and i do wish we could do this together and not politicize this but that is what we are doing. in this motion to recommit would just totally undermine this bill because it is a short and
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incomplete re-authorization. it undermines the violence against women's act and this important effort to re-authorize it. this bill takes out things that have become so basic like the rape prevention fund, testing of rape case kits which is a horror across this country and how many haven't been tested. it takes away child abuse training. and what makes me really sad is that this bill is one of the most successful laws this house mass passed. -- has passed. and the 25 years since it was enacted, violence against women by a spouse or intimate partner has dropped by 65%. we need to build on that
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progress. since then, victims, survivors and the communities where we live have relied on the congress to help provide resources needed to prevent and investigate these crimes and to assist survivors. i remember what it was like. i remember what it was like when you called the police and they didn't come because your father was an important man in town. i remember what it was like when someone on our college campus was raped and the police came to them and said it's your fault d would do nothing. and i don't want anybody in this house to forget that michigan state university with hundreds of victims was only brought to the forefront st year when hundreds of victims tried to tell people something was happening and nobody would
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isten. we cannot go back to those days. since then, since the original passage of this bill we learned from experience and from the unfortunate continuation of these crimes. this house together on a bipartisan basis, re-authorized vawa in 2000, 2005 and 2013. this bill builds on our progress and success. we must not not only re-authorize it but make the programs even more effective and help survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and other forms of harm with issues that they face. women are staying in these situations because they have to go to the doctor and can't afford health care and can't
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have a place to live or economic security. these are among the issues that this bill is trying to address. this motion to recommit would kill the bill and it leaves vulnerable. i do volunteer work at places where people go for domestic abuse. have you talked to anybody there? do you know how scared they are because funding is already being impacted? stepping back means looking the other way when victimization is taking place and they are counting on us to do something. we cannot undermine this important law. and i'm going to say one other thing, do not let the n.r.a. bully you. this is not a poison pill.
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the provision in this bill, don't forget who i was married to. john dingell was on the n.r.a. board and he helped start it. all this does, we are not taking away due process, all we are saying is if someone has been convicted, convicted, that they would not have access to a gun. and if someone has been convicted of stalking, you know -- all say to all of you right. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman's time has expired. the house will be in order. mrs. dingell: you know what? not ed to -- you need to
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be -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman's time has expired. mrs. dingell: you know what -- the speaker pro tempore: the ouse will be in order. members are reminded to direct their remarks to the chair. without objection, the previous question is ordered. the question is on the motion to recommit. those in favor will say aye. those opposed, no. the noes have it. the motion is not adopted. the gentle [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] demrt house went on to pass that bill, re-authorizing the violence against women act. the vote was 263-158. one member voted present. the legislation aims to help victims of domestic and sexual violence, as well as increase the types of crimes and penalties for offenders. the chamber also passed a yemen war powers resolution by a vote of 247-175.
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one member voted present. that bill would end u.s. military involvement in yemen. the senate has already passed the resolution and president trump is about to veto the bill. the house now done for the week. but members will return monday for legislative work. you can follow live coverage of he house here on c-span. earlier today, house speaker nancy pelosi held her weekly briefing with reporters of the capitol. this is about 20 minutes. ms. pelosi: good morning, everyone. may i sadly convey condolences to our friends at "the hill" and all of you and the family of vicky needham. what a sad thing. to learn of her passing. i know she's your colleague on the hill. i know her family needs our


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